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Land Rover Experience Cheshire – Peckforton Castle

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Land Rover experience day at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire.  This was a very enjoyable day indeed, the details of which are below!

Peckforton castle is located near Tarporley, Cheshire.  An easy an pleasurable drive down the A49 from the M56 – even in our old Land Rover Discovery!  The Land Rover Experience Voucher we had allowed myself and Mrs Landyworld ;-) to both drive.  We chose to drive the defender – mainly because I was curious to drive a more modern one with traction control and anti stall (these features are a very impressive combination!).

Upon arrival at the castle we were given a cup of coffee each whilst our instructor for the day took us through the safety briefing, paperwork etc.   The instructor was a helpful and friendly chap who put even the somewhat nervous Mrs Landyworld at ease!  She had said right from the time we booked the Land Rover Experience day that she wouldn’t be driving anything that she felt was “extreme”!  The day started off with some gentle tracks whilst we got used to the defender – much easier to drive than our aged discovery, a real pleasure in fact!

Eventually we ended up in the quarry, the most interesting bit of the Land Rover Experience Cheshire.  There were various axle twisters, steep hills and a tipping bridge to enjoy!  Although I was looking forward to this section, I didn’t expect my good lady to drive this section.  However, the instructor really was excellent.  He put her at ease and showed her how easily she could drive some of the more gentle obstacles and as her confidence grew she took on most of the sections!  We really enjoyed our Land Rover Experience – a day we would love to relive!

Below is a short video made up from some phone videos taken on the day!