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Repair a rotten defender or series land rover door frame

Repair a rotten defender or series land rover door frame

When I first bought my 110 (unfortunately its since been sold) there were a few significant welding jobs to be done.   Firstly, I had to decide if I should replace or repair my defender door.  The steel frame was rusty (completely rotten) at the bottom.  The deciding factor for me was the price of a reasonable second hand replacement.  In my opinion, they cost silly money so I was left with no choice but to try and effect a repair!  I am no expert, nor am I a mechanic.  The end result isn’t the prettiest of things but it is hidden by the door card on mine and is now doing its job nicely!

Firstly we removed the door and stripped off the door card etc to assess the state of it.  It was pretty bad.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics before I started cutting so in the first few photos below I have balanced the rotten bits back in place to give you a general idea!

100doorfix_004 100doorfix_005


The aluminium skin is folded around the door frame.  You need to carefully lever this up and then cut out the rotten bits of the frame.  I cut my frame out with an angle grinder.  I placed some thin steel plates between the door frame and skin to prevent me damaging the skin with the grinder.  In the main this worked.  I did damage one edge slightly but nothing a bit of filler didn’t sort out!  Once you have cut away the frame, you need to clean the skin as best as possible. 

I cut the frame bits to size from a length I bought from eBay for about £15.  Once I had laid them out and were satisfied with the sizes, the door frame rebuild began.  I coated the skin with a heavy dose of sikaflex type stuff to try and stop the two metals touching and prevent (as much as possible) the bimetallic corrosion.  The new door frame bits were welded to the existing door frame using a mig.  We managed to do the lot leaving in the window glass etc.  you may wish to remove!  The door skin was then carefully tapped back down to rap around the door frame repair piece.




100doorfix_027100doorfix 015100doorfix_025

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