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Fit a Land Rover Discovery Steering Guard

Fit a Land Rover Discovery Steering Guard

I decided to fit a steering guard for several reasons.  Firstly, the steering is one of those things I probably cant fix at the side of the road and needs protecting.  Secondly I needed some decent front recovery points (hence the choice of steering guard) and thirdly because they don’t half look good!  I had already decided I wanted a steering guard with recovery and high lift jack points, the only real decision left was where to buy one from!  I ended up buying mine from John Craddock (see the links page for my Land Rover links).  There are lots of companies that supply steering guards, I bought this one unseen as I have dealt with craddocks a few times with no problems and also because I was ordering my coil springs from them at the same time.  

 The guard arrived and is heavier than I expected.  At least its solid and should take some bending! 

steeringguard1I only needed one bolt to fit my steering guard.  The rest of it is held by bolts already fitted.  

It may help to soak the bolts in a penetrative lubricant  such as WD40 or similar a few times before you try to undo them.  Obviously if your bolts are in poor condition you should replace them.

steering  box bolt holding steering guard

This steering box nut has to come off.  (You can see mine already removed and soaked in wd40).

bumperboltsThese bumper bolts also support the steering guard on a series 1 discovery.

Here is the finished article.


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