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Remove and bypass the EGR valve on a Land Rover 300tdi Engine

Remove and bypass the EGR valve on a Land Rover 300tdi Engine

The EGR valve in the Discovery, Range Rover & Defender 300tdi is a common failure item.  When faulty it causes excess smoke and a lack of power.  Removing the EGR valve can result in increased power, better drive ability and even improved fuel economy.  Even when working properly the 300tdi EGR valve causes the inter cooler and inlet manifold to clog up over time – this in itself can have a dramatic effect on smoke, power and fuel economy.  Removing your EGR valve will not have an effect on your MOT test.

The information below shows how I removed the EGR valve from my 1996 Discovery 300tdi by fitting an EGR bypass kit that includes a replacement intercooler hose.

This is the EGR valve as fitted to a standard 300tdi discovery 1 before the bypass kit is fitted.

egrandsprings 003

In the picture above, you can see that I have already unplugged the wiring connector from the EGR valve, this is a simple push clip and it will unplug.

This picture shows the 300tdi intercooler hose with the EGR fitted.  The EGR valve removal kit in our online shop includes a replacement hose to get rid of this setup for good!

egrandsprings 007   

You need to undo the jubilee clips from either end of this hose.  Don’t throw them away though, you will need them for the new intercooler hose.  If you are anything like me, you will probably also want to keep the other two jubilee clips – “just in case”!!   Next you need to remove the two allen key bolts that hold the EGR valve to the exhaust manifold.  They can be quite tight so a good coating of penetrating oil (WD40 will do the job) will help them come out.

Once the EGR valve has been removed from the exhaust manifold you need to have a good clean up of where it sits.  Remove all traces of the previous EGR gasket and clean up with a bit of fine emery paper or similar.


Use the jubilee clips you put to one side earlier to fit the replacement top intercooler hose.  

topintercoolerhoseNow you need to blank off the hole in the exhaust manifold where the EGR valve once was!  In my kits this is a 2 part process, first you fit an EGR valve gasket and then you fit the EGR blanking plate.  The first picture shows a bolt through the gasket – this was only put there to hold th gasket in place for the picture, obviously the bolt is only fitted once the blanking plate is fitted on top of the gasket.  

Fit the EGR valve gasket, then the blanking plate and tighten up with two bolts.  The standard bolts that hold the EGR to the manifold are allen key type and can be a bit fiddly.  I am using standard hex headed zinc coated bolts – makes life far simpler – these are included in our kit.   

egrandsprings 014egrandsprings 018

This picture shows the EGR valve completely removed the from discovery 300tdi.  The blanking plate is fitted on the manifold and the intercooler top hose has been replaced – it even looks much better!

egrremovalkitIts nearly all finished but there is one very important job you must do – seal the vac pipe.  This small rubber pipe that connects to your EGR valve runs through the EGR solenoid and eventually to a T piece on your brake servo hose.  An air leak on this pipe can effect your braking – make sure you find a way of sealing this pipe.  On my car, I found a convenient bolt that was a good tight fit in the end of the pipe and wound it right in – perfect!  


Cable tie the vac pipe and wiring connector out of the way somewhere (mines behind the airbox) and your ready to road test!  

A very easy and inexpensive Landrover modification that really can improve performance and fuel economy.  At the time of removing your egr valve, it is worth inspecting both the inlet manifold and intercooler.  If these are particularly clogged up,it might be a good time to remove and clean them!  


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