Once you become an owner of such amazing ride, you start realizing it is not like any other vehicle you can ever compare it with. Main issue that the owners of the rover is, people do not understand the purpose of green or black oval that is on the car. It is a completely different experience to own a Land Rover and hence, here are few things enlisted that you must know if you own a Rover:

It is more than a mall crawler:

Land Rovers are meant for the adventures. The technologies that are embedded in just this one car is for a reason, as it can go to places not any other car can go. This car, is meant to create stories of the thrills you travel to. You must use this technology to completely understand the tactics of your car. We understand, how good does it look when it stands by the sides of GMC Yukon, but with the construction and built Rover has got, it can go to places on which Yukon and Tahoe are named after. Anyways you have to pay for the maintenance services, you might want to make a good use of it as well.

We are in this Together:

When you see a fellow Rover owner, it is not just of waving as a rule of sticking together, be together in any problem too and stick around. If you see a mate with a Rover, pull over and help him out of the problem, it is not a just a common courtesy but also that’s the rule you must follow, and a duty you must take a charge on. This is the beauty of being a part of community where every one owns a ride none other can experience.

Expect Some Hiccups:

You have to agree to the fact that this is a British invention with a name Rover in it, the journey cannot be trouble free, you obviously cannot accept it to be. You have to deal with the fact, with Range Rover and the hikes it is meant to reach, something or this other WILL break. If you own a 2009 model or the one built before that, you have to expect that the situation can get even worse.

The Heritage:

Being an owner of this mind-blowing car, you must own everything you can possibly know about it. You must not be among those people you would tell a kid who asks about the history of your love, to watch the documentary over the internet. You must be amongst those people, who sits and tell the history by themselves for straight four hours as if they were present right there when the design got ready. The excitement in you should shout out for your love for the Rover.

Parking Rules:

When parking in the lot, it is a clear stated rule, you must park next to another Rover. That is the rule just like, waving to the fellow Rover owner.