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Build yourself a Series Land Rover snorkel on the cheap!

Build yourself a Series Land Rover snorkel on the cheap!

When I 1st got my land rover series 3 I decided I had to fit a snorkel.  I wasn’t prepared to pay the price for a kit so I decided to look around the web for info on a DIY job.  I couldn’t find much info at all so decided to do my best to detail the diy Land Rover snorkel here.  Credit must be given to a friend of mine Chris who basically designed and fitted my series 3 snorkel.  Without him I would probably still just have a load of drainpipe in the back of the landy! Details of his DIY classic range rover snorkel are to follow. 


 Everything I used came from either a local DIY supplier or the nearest scrap yard.  The basic list is Drain Pipe, Assorted drainpipe elbows, silicone sealant and an air filter box from a Peugeot 309 gti!  I am sure there are plenty of air boxes that will fit but this one was available at the time for free.


Hacksaw, silicone gun, battery drill, old side cutters, rivet gun and rivets and of course a pencil!

Fitting the Land Rover snorkel

I have seen many different layouts of snorkel built with drainpipe.  Basically you look at where you can cut the hole and work out how to get back to the window using the available drainpipe bends



Draw around the drain pipe for the circle to cut.  There are probably better ways of cutting if you have the correct tools but we basically drilled holes all the way around the circle and then used a pair of old cutters to cut the thin bits of aluminium left between the holes.

The pipe and bends are secured using a suitable glue such as conduit cement.  The snorkel must be fixed to the side of the window, we bent a small bracket and used rivets.  Obviously the holes in the pipe and where the pipe enters the wing is sealed with silicone.  The silicone nicely hides the rough cut in the wing.







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